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"We Specialize in Marriage and Family Therapy"

Only 12% of counselors nationwide are qualified to perform marriage counseling or therapy.

Springfield MFI is a privately owned business co-founded in 2006 by W. K. Boyce, Ken Boyce and Stephanie Mitchell. It was founded to meet a recognized need to have a professional, Christian counseling center for marriages and families. Counselors at SMFI are highly trained and specialized to work with marriage and family systems in addition to individual therapy. Greene County’s 68% divorce to marriage ratio emphatically states the need for more effective marriages and families. The Family Systems approach to working with marriages and families is distinct from other therapy approaches used by the majority of counselors today, which are focused on addressing only the individual. Marriage and Family therapy is much more complex as it recognizes and works with the individual and marriage in the context of the family relationships. While 80% of all private practice therapists in the U.S. say they do marriage counseling, only 12% of them have the required course work and supervised clinical experience working with marriage and family relationships. Springfield MFI is one of the 12% nationwide who have counselors that are qualified to work with marriages and families as well as individuals.

"Your marriage and family are too valuable to trust to well-intentioned amateurs, or unqualified professionals."

The Founders believe that individuals, marriages and families are creations of God, and like the rest of Creation are systemic in origin and nature. The Springfield Marriage and Family Institute, LLC was established to...

  • Offer professional counseling based on Christian values for healing and growth within the individual and in their marriage and family relationships
  • Provide a facility where graduate students can intern and receive supervision for their degree, and where post-graduates can receive on-sight supervision and the hours of practical experience required for licensure
  • Provide seminars and workshops on strengthening and enriching the marriage and family
  • To be a trusted, Christian-values based resource for churches, and church leaders who have members who need professional individual, marital, or family counseling

Springfield MFI is neither a ministry of, nor affiliated with, any church or religious organization. Clients will never be asked to donate money to any church or religious organization, nor will they be proselytized to any church. The names and personal information of clients are strictly confidential and will not be given to any church or religious organization for solicitation, proselytizing, or any other purpose.

Call us at 417-882-6767 today. "After all Marriage and Family is our middle name."

Counseling Services

  • Marriage Marriage Couples seeking help bring their precious and valuable marriage relationship into counseling. Learn more
  • Pre-Marital Counseling Pre-Marital Counseling Congratulations, you're engaged! This is a very exciting time in your life. Learn more
  • Parenting Parenting We know it's easier to have a child than it is to parent one! Learn more
  • Blended Families Blended Families Blended families are exactly what the term says they are-attempting to blend two families into one. Learn more


We Are Here To Help

  • Grief Grief Everything within you is crying out in pain while you feel a part of you is gone.
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  • Stress Stress There are good stressors such as pleasurable activities, pleasant surprises, celebrations, and successes in life. Learn more
  • Anxiety Anxiety It could be a stressful situation you are in currently, or just life in general. Learn more
  • Depression Depression More women than men seek help for depression, but anyone, of any age, is susceptible. Learn more