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Blended Families

Marriage and Family therapists trained in family systems understand how at first glance blended families appear similar to families of first-time marriages, while in fact the two are different in more ways than they are alike. Blended families are exactly what the term says they are—the process of transitioning, or blending, two or three generations of extended family systems into one, which does take time. Research shows that it takes up to 7 years before the blended family system reaches a new sense of balance and a secure identity.

Blended families are born out of loss from abandonment, death of a spouse, or divorce. There are natural and sometimes severe stresses to blend two families' expectations, traditions, and histories and create a new family identity with a new future. There are usually birth order changes for the children, emotional “ghosts” from the past that may haunt the new marriage, or unanticipated changes in parenting roles, styles and responsibilities. Not to be overlooked are the issues of children’s loyalties to individuals in the extended families, couples’ deciding how to handle finances with child support payments and alimony impacting household income and/or expenses, as well as exploring and expressing shared and conflicting religious beliefs.

Most parents are concerned how the children will be affected by the blending of their families. Many children continue to fantasize about their parents getting back together even long after the divorce is final. Just one of the major struggles for children is adjusting to living in two different households with mom’s and / or dad’s new spouse. Children under 10 and over 15 years of age usually have an easier time transitioning into a blended family. Adolescent children, ages 11 to 14, usually need extra time and attention to make it through the transition effectively.

To work with one of our licensed professional counselors with specialized training and experience with spouses, parents and children in blended families, call today to set up an appointment at 417-882-6767.

Insurance Information

Most insurance companies do not cover relationship, marriage or family counseling. If there is a medical condition that is impacting the marriage and / or family relationships, insurance may cover the counseling on the individual diagnosis. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your insurance benefits. When you check with your insurance company for benefits, ask for mental health benefits, with an out-of-network provider, for an office visit. We will be happy to file your insurance claim for you for reimbursement. You are responsible for deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments. All fees are paid up front and the reimbursement will go directly to you. Many clients use their Health Savings accounts and Flexible Spending accounts for counseling. If you have any questions please call and speak with Stephanie at 417-882-6767 or email her.


Initial appointments are usually made over the phone. Other appointments are then made at the end of each counseling sessions with your therapist. When your appointment is scheduled for a specific time, that time is reserved for you. Unlike other types of businesses, the Institute does not over-book clients. The scheduled times of appointments are dedicated solely to working with those individuals, couples or families. Our counselors spend time before each session preparing for who is coming to their appointments.


If you must cancel an appointment, please notify the Institute at 417-882-6767 at least 48 hours before your scheduled session (to avoid charges for the session.)

Financial Responsibility

Each client is responsible for payment of all charges. Your fee is collected when you arrive for your appointment. Checks, cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express are accepted. We also accept flexible spending account, and health savings account cards. If another party is helping to pay for your counseling, we will gladly help with payment arrangements.

Working Together

You will work with the same therapist throughout your time at Springfield MFI. We believe counseling is most successful when the client and therapist develop a good working relationship. Your questions and concerns will be taken seriously. Information you share with your therapist will be kept confidential. It will not be disclosed to anyone without your written permission. If you have questions about something in the counseling process, please bring it up with your therapist.