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"If you don't think you need one, believe me you do!" - Ken Boyce

Marriage excitement weekends are for those who want to get the most out of their life together. Don't settle for an "I guess average" marriage, supercharge it! Come check us out. Register today for one of our upcoming events. Check out what some have said about our recent "Love Letters" Seminar in Dallas Texas.

Warning: Marriage Excitement Seminars are not for those with serious marital problems. One getaway weekend will not solve those kinds of marriage issues. In fact, it could make them worse. If you're dealing with serious issues, call 417 882-6767 to schedule a time to speak with someone who can help, a counselor.

To register for a specific event:

Please call (417) 882-6767. We will need to know your name, address, phone, e-mail, and payment method. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

To inquire about hosting or scheduling a Marriage Excitement Getaway:

Please call us at (417)882-6767. Please ask for Ken Boyce, Director of Research and Marketing or W.K. Boyce, Executive Director.

Love EverAfter

  • Love EverAfter To be in love for a it just the stuff of fairytales? I know that couples today can experience the love of a lifetime with a love that is everlasting. Couples today can reach the thrilling heights of this perfect love that takes them to the greatest breadth of personal intimacy. Sound too good to be true?


Sex in the 60's

  • Sex in the 60's There was a lot of sex in the 1960's. The image of the baby-boomers of the sixties and seventies are those who led the rebellion against authority and accountability with free love, burning the bras, and communal living.


Two Becomes Us

  • Two Becomes Us We Begin With the beginning are a man and a woman who are independently living their lives without the slightest awareness that the other exists. Through some medium, usually a mutual friend, they are introduced and the faintest flickers of love are born and nurtured into a steady flame.


Love Letters

  • Love Letters In these days of faxes, e-mail, cellphones, and high-speed internet, true communication is suffering. We say a lot, say it fast, and still say very little that matters.

    Love letters was designed to add real depth to your relationship, to go beyond our mundane daily vocabulary.


Great Expectations

  • Great Expectations Great Expectations are the foundation, filler and fabric of every marriage. Each of us comes into marriage with some spoken - and many more unspoken - expectations. Realistic expectations in marriage are based on how God describes the purpose, process, and fulfillment in marriages.