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Signs Around Town

Have you seen these signs around town? Can these little signs really improve a marriage, save a family, or make oneself a better parent? Only if you take action. Even if your marriage and life are great, odds are you know someone that needs help. Refer a friend!

Something's Gotta Change!

How many times have we found ourselves saying that and never acting on it?... Why? Suppose your cars engine is sputtering and stalling - you wouldn't continue to drive it without taking it to a certified mechanic to diagnose and repair. Why risk doing further damage? Wouldn't you tire from knowing that it should run better at the very least. Much like our cars, our lives can start to run rough. Good people struggle in life from a host of issues. Many wonder if counseling would help. When should they call? If you've said "Something's Gotta Change!", then it's time to call.

Much like our cars, our marriages and relationships take maintenance. Some worry about the cost. The truth is it's more expensive to do nothing. The initial cost of divorce in Missouri is between $5000.00 to $8000.00 plus a devastated family and the damage for generations to come. Also like our car, the sooner we call a professional, the quicker the repair, the more enjoyable it is and less it cost to fix. So when you feel "Something's Gotta Change...Enough is Enough!", call Springfield Marriage and Family Institute at (417) 882-6767 today.

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