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W. K. Boyce with...The Life You Always Wanted

W. K. Boyce with...The Life You Always WantedHave you heard it yet? "W. K. Boyce with...The Life You Always Wanted" radio program is a new dawn in the life of individuals, marriages and families in the Midwest.
W. K. takes this talk show into every realm of marriage and family life today - everywhere people go in their relationships. The mission is to go boldly along a pathway that only the brave dare to tread - called the Truth. The focus is to be correct according to objective Truth - not be politically correct according to current opinions of mankind.

"I've never looked at it that way before!"

If you're steering a ship it's best to have a compass that points North and not turning with the motion of the boat. Generations of people today live in the gray, murky area of feelings - using their emotions as the ultimate compass in their pursuit of happiness. We have to get back to an authority basis with accountability to understand we do have boundaries and responsibilities to live by - and that our marriage and family relationships depend on it.

"Finding happiness where we least expect it!"

Happiness isn't an entitlement. It is a by-product of living according to the Truth and the principle of experiencing accountability. We aren't guaranteed happiness in this country - we are guaranteed the freedom to be in the pursuit of happiness by living within the boundaries of a moral life and fulfilling our responsibilities to God, Family, and Country.

"It's about time somebody spoke up for what's right, real, and relevant!"

W. K. defines the life you always wanted every Monday morning at 10:00. Support him. Listen to him. Tell others about him.