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Love Letters presented by W.K. Boyce

Love lettersCome join us!

How many times do we say "We need to get away!"-well, now is our opportunity.

"Love Letters" is a getaway opportunity for you to focus on your love for each other and learn new ways of telling the other how much you do care. So, cancel all the activities for this weekend, and come do something exciting!

In these days of faxes, e-mail, cell phones, and high-speed internet, true communication is suffering. We say a lot, say it fast, and still say very little that matters.

When was the last time you penned a letter? When was the last time you slowed down to make it personal, to say something with real emotions, real depth, worth reading? Do you remember receiving something in the mail, from someone you loved more than most? Do you remember the excitement of opening the letter to see what it would say? What was it like to know that the paper you were holding was in their hands just a short time before? Does that give it more value? Does it make them closer?

Love letters was designed to ad real depth to your relationship, to go beyond our mundane daily vocabulary. To be more intimate, more fulfilling, and to experience a world like you've never known before.

About W.K. Boyce

Executive Director

W.K. Boyce

"The finest compliment I could ever receive is a referral from my friends and clients"

Nationally known speaker and therapist, W. K. is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years experience, as well as a Certified Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association.

W. K. established Springfield Marriage and Family Institute, LLC...

  • To offer Christian marriage and family counseling to people in Springfield and all of southwest Missouri
  • To provide seminars and workshops on marriage and family
  • To provide a facility where graduates can intern and receive supervision for licensure

Feedback on Marriage Excitement Weekends

"Love Letters" Marriage Excitement Weekend was wonderful! The accommodations at Chateau on the Lake set the mood. The atmosphere, and most of all the information you gave made for an outstanding weekend. It was relaxing and allowed us think more deeply about the romantic side of our marriage. Thank you! - Pat, Springfield, MO

Love Letters is an experience that Kara and I will never forget. This was a time to grow closer to each other. We both did some soul searching throughout this series and it gave us a deeper appreciation and love for each other. This was a time to develop our relationships with other couples from our church. We spent time reflecting on how we met, weddings, and how we have grown with each other. This was a time to grow closer to God. God has to be a part of every aspect of our lives. Thank you W.K. for your dedication and your love for so many. We look forward to having you again. - Rick Williams, Ft. Worth, TX

Some other couples who attended the "Love Letters" marriage excitement weekend remarked:

  • "I had a wonderful time and would love to do it again. There we said some things to each other we hadn't been able to say before."
  • "Greatly enjoyed the rooms and meetings inside the same building. Beautiful rooms were a great value."
  • "Thank you for / to the teacher and everyone else that worked hard to have a wonderful retreat. I enjoyed the time there, the classes, and the intimacy with my husband. Thank you."
  • "I really liked the letters that were sent AFTER the retreat, it was like we were still participating. It is hard to improve on something that seemed too wonderful already!"
  • "We loved it!"

To register for a specific event:

Please call (417) 882-6767. We will need to know your name, address, phone, e-mail, and payment method. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

To inquire about hosting or scheduling a Marriage Excitement Getaway:

Please call us at (417)882-6767. Please ask for Ken Boyce, Director of Research and Marketing or W.K. Boyce, Executive Director.

Love EverAfter

  • Love EverAfter To be in love for a it just the stuff of fairytales? I know that couples today can experience the love of a lifetime with a love that is everlasting. Couples today can reach the thrilling heights of this perfect love that takes them to the greatest breadth of personal intimacy. Sound too good to be true?


Sex in the 60's

  • Sex in the 60's There was a lot of sex in the 1960's. The image of the baby-boomers of the sixties and seventies are those who led the rebellion against authority and accountability with free love, burning the bras, and communal living.


Two Becomes Us

  • Two Becomes Us We Begin With the beginning are a man and a woman who are independently living their lives without the slightest awareness that the other exists. Through some medium, usually a mutual friend, they are introduced and the faintest flickers of love are born and nurtured into a steady flame.


Love Letters

  • Love Letters In these days of faxes, e-mail, cellphones, and high-speed internet, true communication is suffering. We say a lot, say it fast, and still say very little that matters.

    Love letters was designed to add real depth to your relationship, to go beyond our mundane daily vocabulary.


Great Expectations

  • Great Expectations Great Expectations are the foundation, filler and fabric of every marriage. Each of us comes into marriage with some spoken - and many more unspoken - expectations. Realistic expectations in marriage are based on how God describes the purpose, process, and fulfillment in marriages.